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Petroleum Geoscience MSc - Where?

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    I'm looking to get into a Masters in Petroleum Geoscience to move into the oil industry. I researched where to study the same 3 places keep being mentioned, London Imperial, Aberdeen, and Heriot Watt. Applications for London Imperial seems to have closed already for some reason and I just finished applying to the other two.

    My question is between the two, does it matter where to study? Considering the fact that the Heriot Watt course is half the price of Aberdeens it seems quite important. The course at Aberdeens website claims that 95% of graduates go directly into employment or further study, which if true is amazing. Cant find any info on Heriot Watt employment rates, and was put off by the amount of written examinations.

    Would like to say money isn't a factor but sadly may come to that as it may have to be self funded. I only received a moderate 2.1 from environmental science in my undergrad, and not much relevant experience, so I don't see a lot of funding or grants getting thrown my way.

    Does anyone have any experience with these courses? Course quality? Employment rates? Really any information / opinions / advice would help me choose (If i get accepted to either)

    Thanks a lot
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    Have you applied to Manchester and Royal Holloway too, these are quite good courses too I believe. Just saying so you have more options as you have left it quite late to apply. The reason Imperial has closed is because they have handed out all their offers for this year (I'm doing their course at the moment_. Leeds do a good Structural Geology course too, all of these courses have links to the industry and are quite highly regarded.

    With regards to Aberdeen & Heriot Watt, not that I know much but Aberdeen may not accept you with a 2:1 in Environmental Science, and Heriot Watt is better known for it's Engineers and the Geoscience course is relatively new so it's a bit of an unknown but does follow the "integration" theme that is so popular. The whole industry has quite good opportunities for graduates and the employment rate is probably a true reflection of current market.

    Not very specific information I know but HTH,

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    do you think Aberdeen would decline me as I studied Env Science? To be honest, it was the one I was unsure I’d be accepted. A Lot of the courses ask for a degree in earth science or a related discipline. Aberdeen however specifies “Geology, Geophysics, or a joint degree incorporating Geology as a major component.” So not sure if I qualify there.

    I will definitely apply to RHUL and Manchester also. Thanks for that.

    How are you funding your study if you don’t mind me asking? A quick budget I did shows me I’ll have a deficit of just under £7000 to cover my fees, living expenses, rent for the year that will have to made up by a loan or funding
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    Aberdeen DO except people with Environmental Science degrees.

    They offered me a place and scholarship and I ended up getting a 2:2.

    Also offered places from Imperial, Manchester, Royal Holloway too.

    Aberdeen is a smashing city to live in!

    Course organisation at Manchester seems to be very poor at the moment from what students are saying.
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    Wait! Did you get into Imperial, Manchester, Holloway and Aberdeen with a 2.2? I thought they only gave 2.1 offers?
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    All I know is competition very high for Aberdeen, and I'm pretty sure a 2:1 is the minimum (as stated on entrance requirements) on most courses, it's usually part of the conditions. Think they "prefer" geoscience as the first degree but will consider others.

    Very surprised to hear about a scholarship with a 2:2 as well, thought those mainly go to the firsts & 2:1's.....

    I'm self-funding as I left a job & moved back from overseas to do this course, didn't apply for any scholarships but a lot of the big companies do sponsor. Again you may have left it a bit late for those as well.
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    Johan - Yep. Aberdeen said they wouldn't take me and then I got an offer, I actually declined my place there however.

    I had work experience, as well as three internships and a heap of extra-curricular activities that were relevant.

    Madchixrocks. I've just been offered a PhD scholarship with my 2.2 as well A 2.2 isn't the end of the world, just unfortunately shows that I am an absolutely horrific exam taker- my coursework is has all been above 80% except one essay...
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    The upstream sector of the oil & gas industry in Europe is primarily based in Aberdeen so there is excellent networking opportunities here so I'm not surprised that it claims such a high employment rate.

    But is it worth twice as much as Heriot Watt?

    Well, Heriot Watt is in Edinburgh which is a bit out of the way of things but it does have a very active SPE section which brings plenty of networking opportunities.

    Most of the petroleum engineers/geoscientist types at my old work were from one of those three universities you listed, though, so I can't see it mattering.
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    Please I need help...I have search all through ...can smone tell me why university accepts 2.2 for Masters in petroluem geology, Reservoir studies???....I want to do my masters on time please anyone with useful information about all this should please send it to me email at [removed]...its important as i am running out of time,i also have a sponsor on this...
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    It looks like Manchester and Royal Holloway accept a 2.2. Leeds do a Structural Geology and Geophysics course aimed at either minrerals or petroleum.

    Where are you currently?
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    Am frm an english speakin country,africa, Nigeria, ...i wnt to do my masters in either petroluem geology,oil and gas or reservoir studies,to enables me work wit an oil firm... i have a 2.2 in geology, whi university wil accept me witout any stress....pls help me, i really need this informatn...bco i will be sponsor wen i got admission to study for my masters...can anyone list or mention whic universities can accept me wit a 2.2?
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    I will study this master in HW university and I would like to meet someone who's already studying there or who has studied the programme in the past.
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    Any one going for Petroleum Geosciences at Imperial ?
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    (Original post by Awoha)
    I will study this master in HW university and I would like to meet someone who's already studying there or who has studied the programme in the past.
    Hi Awoha, Are you currently studying Msc Petroleum in HW?
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    Hello everyone ,
    I'm glad to take part of this cooperative conversation I have considered all those MSc.s -having Petroleum Geoscience bachelor & seeking a MSc opportunity - , and I believe that Imperial has the best-structured program , but Aberdeen has the greatest reputation .
    If anyone's got information about appropriate funding or scholarships for me , I'd appreciate that , since I can't afford " Overseas fees " .
    I also have a question , I got a percent of 67 % ! what's its equivalent in the British degree classification ?
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    Anyone going to Petroleum geoscience at Royal Holloway??
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    Hello All, I have a 1st degree in Geology with a 2:2. I wish to do my MSc Petroleum Geoscience in the University of Aberdeen or Manchester. Its actually a good news seeing preceding statements suggesting that with a 2:2, its possible to get admission into the schools above.

    I already have an admission into MSc Applied Petroleum Geoscience at the University of Derby. Kindly house what do you think about doing this course at Derby?

    I applied to Royal Holloway College but got rejected. I am going to try Aberdeen and Manchester. What can I do to get the admission, may be I require a strong Personal Statement.....PLEASE HOUSE ADVICE ON PERSONAL STATEMENT.

    Thank you in advance.
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    Hye, already received conditional offer from Heriot-Watt and Manchester for MSc Petroleum Geoscience!! 75% going to Heriot-Watt but still waiting for Aberdeen and Exeter 😄

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    (Original post by rocafella1200)

    I applied to Royal Holloway College but got rejected. I am going to try Aberdeen and Manchester. What can I do to get the admission, may be I require a strong Personal Statement.....PLEASE HOUSE ADVICE ON PERSONAL STATEMENT.

    Thank you in advance.
    Advice for personal statement : why do you choose that university/course , state your interest about geology/petroleum geoscience, try to include your favorite subject during degree i.e Formation Evaluation which is one of main subject in MSc PS at Heriot-Watt. Hope this helps! 😄

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    Hey Fatin, Thanks for the Personal statement advice and congrats on your multiple admisssions...lol. Did you graduate with a 2:1 or 2:2? How long did it take for Manchester to make a decision on your offer? AND IS IT OKAY TO USE ONE PERSONAL STATEMENT FOR MORE THAN 1 SCHOOL?

    Best Regards


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