Month in East Asia with Friend...but we're no longer friends! Help!!

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    hi there,

    So earlier this year I booked a flight to Thailand for a month with my best friend and two of his friends. Since then we've fallen out, pretty much irreparably and as the other people are his friends i'm in a pretty awkward situation.

    Everyone is still communicating on a facebook group about the holiday including the friend i've fallen out with but we haven't spoken, met up or talked since our fall out.

    My question is what should I do? Although my friend betrayed me massively and hasn't apologised do i pretend to ignore it and smile for the sake of the holiday?

    Or do I go it alone? Going it alone sounds absolutely scary and i'm not sure if i'm brave enough - i've looked at tours but they're massively expensive.

    Any advice would be really appreciated.

    Go alone. If you have pre-booked accommodation, cancel it. Don't pay for any tours (at least not until you get there and decide what you want to do) don't worry about being lonely or not meeting people. Thailand is one of the most popular backpacking hotspots so you're not going to be short of company staying in hostels. You WILL meet people.

    Best month of your life.

    It's almost certainly a good thing. The people you meet will help to forget the fact that you had a tiff with a friend.

    (Original post by Olibert)
    It's almost certainly a good thing. The people you meet will help to forget the fact that you had a tiff with a friend.

    so do you mean go with the friend or go alone and meet people ?

    (Original post by veggie4life)
    so do you mean go with the friend or go alone and meet people ?
    I think he means go alone and meet people!

    Don't go with your ex-friend, it will probably make you want to kill him!

    Might as well still get the same flight as before though - perhaps see if you can change seats at no extra cost?

    Go on the same flight get a different seat and do the holiday alone, brilliant place to be by yourself!

    Don't waste time and money on an experience with someone you don't get on with.

    If you arent friends now, then travelling together for a month is going to be a nightmare. I found travelling with my gf for a month hard work at times, and i generally quite like her! Cant imagine how that would be if it was someone i disliked.

    As others have said, youll meet loads of people. Stay in hostel dorms and people literally cannot wait to strike up a conversation. You pick up loads of good tips on where to visit, what to see etc. There was people there who were traveling with people they had met along the way.

    Thailand is incredible, really not an opportunity to be passed up, so go for it!

    I had an amazing time travelling alone. You are not tied to friend groups and instead get to meet people in hostels. Don't book a tour, just perhaps book a few hostels and look at transport options to get around Thailand. People in Thailand are very familiar with tourists and backpackers, so you should have no problems.

    Enjoy! You'll have a much better time alone.


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