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Great Suffolk Street, London

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    Any experience?

    I know the conditions of accomodations under Unite varies between different sites and I'm interested in this one but I just need to make sure trying to decide between this and Magenta House by The Student Housing Company.
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    As a graduate I am settling on GSS and it's close to guy's. Looks really nice. It's got good location also.

    What you thinking?
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    Seems like a good place. Built in 2010, so there shouldn't be much problems with the facilities. I'm in Strand. 25 minutes walk or 15 minutes tube. Not bad.
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    I've booked it now
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    How were the halls?

    I looked for reviews for lots of halls in London as I'm going to be studying in Westminster (magenta had some mixed ones, and great suffolk street look OK) so I used hall bookers.co.uk

    Does anyone else have any suggestions of halls?
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    I have just rebooked Great Suffolk House for the second consecutive year haha! It is now a ProdigyLiving property so it has been completely refurbished and it looks stunning! We now have a well-equipped gym, a quiet study room and the SkyLounge has a new modern makeover. Student life is also a lot a fun from my experience, we've had many themed events throughout the year - Salsa workshop, Halloween/Welcome/Christmas/NYE parties, Sushi evening, Cocktail nights . Sainsbury's, Costa Coffee and Tesco's are right downstairs, with M&S, Paul, Pret, Itsu and Starbucks 2 mins away. Overwhelming choice of restaurants and pubs around as well.

    Feel free to message me for more details!


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Updated: July 8, 2015
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