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Randomly aggressive cat.....

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    My cat is a little bugger and from a few searches it seems pretty normal for them to lash out at times when they get fed up of being stroked and stuff but how do I stop him from.....

    He follows my mum around all the time and he starts meowing if she leaves the room and the door shuts so he can't follow and she is the only person he kneads. Sometimes she will be stood talking and he'll pounce on her back and dig his claws in and he often suddenly goes nuts and pounces at her arm then claws and bites and every time you get him off he lunges at her, his ears go back and his eyes go massive. The thing is he only does it to her, he just pounced at her arm a moment ago and my dad went to him and he suddenly turned soppy and was rubbing against my dad I don't get it!

    Kill it and get a new one, it's only a cat

    Is he Neutered? If so he's probably playing (they can get quite aggressive). If not, he probably sees her as the dominant family member, to be obeyed, but also occasionally challenged. Apparently the hormonal spray Feliway works well, though I've never tried it.

    Otherwise, he's evil.

    My cat is exactly the same. She's a girl, around 9 years old and has been spayed (if that's the right word ). I just refer to her as the bipolar cat. One minute I'm her best friend, the next she's practically trying to gouge my eyes out. (Okay..maybe she isn't that aggressive ) But yeah, to be honest I think it's perfectly normal behaviour for some cats.

    Was your cat from a rescue place? I think it may be due to past experiences. I don't have any evidence, but our cat was abandoned and assumedly mistreated. I feel this led to her being wary around humans, and so she 'attacks' whenever she senses even the slightest bit of danger.

    Edit: Also, any chance your cat may be feeling playful, and it just seems to come off as aggression? If you have any toys for him, keep them to hand and in these cases, see if he wants a play. My cat sometimes scratches as a sign for 'please throw me my toy'

    I have a cat that repeatedly attacks me when no one is looking, I have a ridiculous amount of scars. My family used to think I was making it/knifing myself to frame the cat until she clawed my sister's hand open and sent her to hospital for stitch's.

    Its only me this kitten usually attacks, mind. Every time I'm home from Uni the battle begins anew. If anything this little fued has escalated into ludicrous levels of complexity.

    Last time, I put her food out and waited with a spray bottle. Then she retaliated by hiding in the towel cupboard and leaping onto my face, clawing it, as I went to get a towel.

    Touche kitten, touche.

    I learnt something from those pet documentaries. You got to show your dominance. Go up to your cats food and pretend to eat it before your cat (nibble it). I sometimes make my cat eat meat from my hand to reaffirm my status as pack leader.

    I think it's the same with most pets haha.
    My rabbits only go to bed for my dad and never for me :/
    You could contact a behaviourist or a vet if it gets bad, they could give some good advice.

    Is it an indoor cat ? Could be due to boredom and you would need to spend more time with it playing or exercising.


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Updated: May 24, 2012
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