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Goodbye virginity.. but what now?

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    So this might turn out to be quite along one but i feel like i really need some advice so ill try keep it short, even though i can tell the trending answer will be move on etc..

    Basically i am at uni and was still a virgin until 3 weeks ago. Met this girl on my course when we was out celebrating having just done our exams. Anyway i had been texting her a lot since exchanging numbers that night and we had been hitting it off really well and one thing lead to another and i ended up sleeping with her but she doesnt know i was a virgin. ALSO worth a mention im not interested as such as to those of your that think it should be 'special' blah blah..

    Fast forward to today and we have been texting like everyday, saying how she thinks im such a nice guy and how she would love to be with someone like me.. thing is, she has a bit of past. I get the impression she isnt shy about hooking up with guys. The main issue is shes still strung up on her bf who finished with her and she wanted to get back with him. Now she says she doesnt yet all of a sudden shes saying she cant deal with me in her life aswell as sorting out whatever feelings she has for her ex.

    Now until today i thought we was literally just friends with benefits but she has turned around and told me tonight she thinks we should just be friends at least until she sorts herself out espec over summer. For some reason im actually pretty gutted about this although i dont want to tell her as we both agreed this wasnt anything more, yet, right from the beginning. Think i sort of feel like iv just been dumped lol. I dont really know what im looking for in this post, just felt like ranting a bit i guess. But yeh, im not bothered about the comments concerning stuff like, oh you should have waited or why did you sleep with her if you knew of her past cos thats for somebody else, not me.

    Thanks for reading anyway

    There were no commitments when you slept together, it was essentially an ONS. The fact that you've stayed in touch doesn't really change anything. It's nigh-on impossible to compete with an ex who they still hold a torch for, even if you're the greatest guy.. I think you're best off staying away and not getting attached. Give it a while for her to get over her ex and then you can maybe establish something from fresh rather than jumping in while she's still preoccupied with him.

    You got a shag out of it. No regrets.

    Time to pursue other girls, OP. You lost your virginity so good for you, but this girl needs to sort herself out and you don't want to be in the middle of her and an ex-boyfriend.

    Least she was frank with you, just move on

    Virginity is over rated but so is making a big deal over losing it. Just move on with your life and forget her

    (Original post by Tudball)
    You got a shag out of it. No regrets.
    Well said sir!

    Yeah I think this is a "thanks for the ride" and move on situation, she's nothing but trouble.

    Now that's what you call friendzoned! Just Woo her, she'll coming running back

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Updated: May 27, 2012
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