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Anyone applying for carnegie village???

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    Hi guys, I've put my deposit and everything down for the deluxe cluster flats but i cant find ANYONE else who is staying there, just wondering if there is anyone out there who is thinking about staying in the cluster flats? I don't want to be the only one!!!
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    Ey Up Mate.

    Don't worry yourself, I'm staying there and there's plenty other people there too.

    By the way, what you studying?
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    Thats a relief! Are you there now or going next year?
    Im studying Physical Education at the headingley campus
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    (Original post by LewisStott)
    Thats a relief! Are you there now or going next year?
    Im studying Physical Education at the headingley campus
    Next year, well in September haha. Yeah mate, Carnegie Village does it best! It's the nicest Halls and the nicest campus imo. We'll have a good time.

    I've already put my deposit down for deluxe flats, they will be full I promise.

    Where you coming from?
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    I'm staying at Carnegie Village but I'm in a townhouse because when I applied all the flats were gone
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    I'm in a deluxe flat in Carnegie Village
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    I wanted to be but they were all full so i'm staying in one of the townhouses
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    Deluxe flat see you there
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    (Original post by Sherwood)
    Deluxe flat also! got my deposit down in Feb haha, Im studying Games Design

    I guess I'll see you around!
    Carnegie Village and i am studying Game Design as well
    Will definitely see you around :cool:
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    damnit! deja vu, i've already replied to you in a post i made ages ago haha
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    fair one haha. Just got loads of emails from this website, need to try and find people who we are living with before hand otherwise i won't recognise anyone if anyone has Facebook?


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