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    Would anyone get one of these if they had cash lying around?

    (2012 SLS AMG Roadster)
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    (Original post by TrueUnitedFan)

    Would anyone get one of these if they had cash lying around?

    (2012 SLS AMG Roadster)
    I wouldn't. Hi end mercedes cars don't appeal to me much as they don't really look/sound/feel like they should cost that much. Compared to say an F458.

    If you want a smart but powerful car then the BMW M series is miles cheaper and all round better IMO.
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    Nissan 350z... my dream car (realistic)

    carbon fiber hood, custom body work RIMS TINTED WINDOWS LUSH
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    I'd buy a fleet of old Land Rovers and lorries!
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    Ugh, that's such a Clarkson car.
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    Yes, nice car but no I won't buy one. I don't like cars that feel as if you're sitting on the floor
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    Looks like it's centre console is taken out of a fighter jet. I like that
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    I don't like it. There's nothing special about it. It's just another fancy Merc.
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    Ferrari or Lamborghini all the way
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    toyota supra all day way cheaper
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    I like the part where they pay him millions of dollars to say that it's a good car...


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