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for liverpool fans

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    who should in our new manager?
    where would liverpool be without steven gerrard in the last ten years?
    why have we declined?

    they shouldnt of sacked kenny
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    It all comes down to money at the end of the day. Man city have proven this. We lack the investment. If liverpool wants to step in the right direction we need a better youth team, bigger stadium with more ticket revenue. We need someone willing to stay at the helm.
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    i cant see that happening, we aren't team that we use to be.
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    also these owners dont have a clue about English football
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    If we got Rafa back to restore our glory days, I would be content. Although, not many good players are willing to move to Liverpool (could be due to the wage budget). Ever since we switched from Rafa, we went downhill; he knew what he was doing.
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    Bring back Rafa!


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