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CCEA GCSE ICT Grade Boundaries?

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    I'm just wondering what the rough grade boundaries are overall, percentage-wise.

    60% of my GCSE was coursework and I'm pretty sure I got high marks in it, so does that mean even if I don't perform too amazingly on the actual exam I can still get an A?

    My teacher told me an A was 75% at Christmas, so I'm guessing an A* would be roughly 85% then? Therefore if I achieved 55% in the coursework I would need another 30, so I'd then need 75% on the actual exam seeing as it is the remaining 40%?

    Is this correct, and are these grade boundaries roughly correct?
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    When I Did GCSE ICT last year I got full marks in my coursework but our grade boundaries were 90% A*
    80% A
    70% B ...etc
    I got an extra 30% getting an A*.
    They may have changed but I highly doubt it.


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Updated: June 2, 2012
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