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OCR Graphics GCSE - technical aspects of designing and making - 29th May 2012

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    Anyone do this exam today? How did you find it?

    I did this exam today.

    Not bad overall, there were a few one mark questions that I'm not sure my teacher even mentioned in lessons, such as something to do with using a certain type of equipment to heat some adhesive or something... and nano-particles which he didn't cover either. I used my common sense for those instead.

    But they are a few grains of sand on a beach. I'm confident for A*

    Thought the 6 markers weren't too bad, drawings too. May have slipped up on the 1 markers though and I wasn't really sure about a disadvantage for the corriflute, but hey... Least it's over
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    I found the question quite hard where we had to draw the product in isometric from the orthographic drawing... it didnt seem like the orthographic drawing was complete! Think I lost 1 mark there...

    Ohh yeah! Forgot how weird that was, the end view looked odd I just kinda drew the rectangle with a triangle spike thingy coming out of it.. hmmm :P yeaah probably lost those marks too..

    This was posted from The Student Room's Android App on my HTC Desire S

    I need an unofficial mark scheme for this


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Updated: June 13, 2012
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