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University of Glamorgan 2012

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    Hi Guys,

    Im a current student approaching the end of my first year here at glamorgan

    I study Forensic Biology

    Thought i'd create this thread to attempt to help with any queries that any of you have about the uni, location, or anything i can help with. I'm not anything to do with admissions so any UCAS questions i wont be able to help with but any questions about the uni etc.

    If i dont know, i will try and find out for you....

    Speak soon =]
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    Whats the transport like to and from Cardiff? Day & night time?
    I'm starting in September do looking forward. Did you stay in halls, if so which ones? And what are they like?
    Thank you
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    (Original post by brsl)
    Whats the transport like to and from Cardiff? Day & night time?
    I'm starting in September do looking forward. Did you stay in halls, if so which ones? And what are they like?
    Thank you
    Hi there sorry for the delay in response I've been away helping out at the hay festival so haven't been able to get on here half as much.

    Transport is great we are like 5 minute walk from train station with trains every 20 minutes or so and it takes about 25/30 mins to get to Cardiff. Last train is at around half 11 at night. Buses I'm not too familiar with but they take a while. Though there is a bus to the local industrial estate literally 10 min journey where there is the cinema bowling macdonalds and nandos.

    I do live in halls (mountain halls) which are really nice and worth that little bit extra. But Glamorgan court aren't so bad either (I have friends in there). Each flat has 6 people in regardless of which type and all are ensuite which is always handy. I really enjoyed living in mountain halls Accom this year. Great experience and have met some awesome people (mountain halls are on treforest campus)

    What you looking to study?

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    I've firmed Glamorgan to study History. I've heard all good things about Glamorgan so far, just hoping that I get in and get allocated in Mountain Halls!

    What is the nightlife like in Treforrest? I know it's no Cardiff but is the SU/local pubs any good?

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    There are some reasonable pubs in Treforrest (and if you're lucky, you might catch sight of Tom Jones, as he has been known to drink there!). The SU is friendly and well-frequented. The History Dept has a good reputation.


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Updated: June 1, 2012
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