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Does anyone know the 12 mark essay question that came up in JAN 2012 for PSY Unit 2??

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    Please could anyone tell me what the JAN 2012 essay question was for the PSY Unit 2 exam?? Please, I really need to knw peeps.
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    Discuss two or more methods of Stress Management - 12 mark essay question.

    There was another 4 mark question: what has social influence research shown about social change - this threw everyone off...
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    OMG, thank u sooooooo MUCH! Really, I appreaciate this. Thank you Nash. You have saved me a lot of time. Thanks again.

    Btw, what do u think the 12 marker will be about tomorrow?
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    (Original post by Boone_007)
    OMG, thank u sooooooo MUCH! Really, I appreaciate this. Thank you Nash. You have saved me a lot of time. Thanks again.

    Btw, what do u think the 12 marker will be about tomorrow?
    Its no problem x

    Well Jan 09, Jan 2010, Jan 2011 were all on abnormality
    June 2009, june 2011 were on conforming etc
    and june 2010 and jan 2012 were stress

    Its between stress and social psych ...i think....

    what do you think ??

    I am findin abnormality so hard =(

    Also do you know the answer to that 4marker that threw everyone off ??
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    Well, I think that the 12 marker aint going to be on stress as the examiner never repeats the same section in a row. Either daily hassles or life changes may come up as an 8 or 6 marker for the stress section. But as for the 12 marker I think its going to be on either the Behavioural or Cognitive Approach to Psychopathology (on the abnormality section). The 12 marker is either going to be based on section B (Social Psychology) or Section C (Individual Differences). For Section B, the 12 marker could be Outline and Evaluate Minority Influence or Majority Influence.

    And dont worry, u are not the only one who is finding abnormality hard, i'm so baffled lol. I really dont know how I'm going to pass this exam. But just keep re-reading your notes and you'll be fine

    And as for the 4 marker that blew everyone away, I have no idea what the answer is. It's unlikely they will bring that question again, so dont stress. Good luck with the exam.
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    I am just using this table that summarises abnormality topic thats pretty good.

    If you want I could attach it for you, but you're gnna need to tell me how to do that

    Thankyou, good luck to you too xxx
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    Well thank you for offering your notes Nash, but I am not reading notes at the moment, I'm going through past papers. You should as well, so that you know how to tackle the question and what the examiner wants you to write. Its better than reading notes and plus u will remember more. Thanks again for offering. But I'd rather do past papers than read notes right now. I have plenty of notes, but thank you again. Good luck once again. Peace out x
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    How did you find it? Stroke of luck that the 12marker was on conformity!
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    Hey, sorry for the late reply. I found the exam okay, but I left a lot of question on the stress section as I never really studied for it. But thank god conformity came up! Seriously, I was so happy when I seen that as the 12 marker! But this may not be a good thing. Because the 12 mark essay question was so easy, the exam board my increase the grade bounderies like they did for Unit 1. Lets just hope, the grade bounderies remain low eh But how did you find it? What question did you find hardest?
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    I know right, when I saw the conformity question I was like SHUT THE FRONT DOOR I was soo happy it wasnt on abnormailty!! Tbh stress and conformity were okay, I didnt like section C.......but we'll see what happens in August........Good luck for results day x


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Updated: June 2, 2012
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