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CCEA A2 ICT 25th May 2012

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    Is anyone totally screwed for this exam?
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    Yes... FML!!
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    Normalisation and the essay question are the worst! CCEA don't even have a revision book to help with revision. So I am just learning past paper answers
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    (Original post by maaa)
    Is anyone totally screwed for this exam?
    (Original post by kathrynaye)
    Yes... FML!!
    So how did you find it??

    There was one question about software development, did you write about bespoke, off the shelf, etc or about the waterfall, prototyping and RAD models??
    What did the question actually ask? =S
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    That paper was so easy, it was insulting to me, the amount of work I put in. (This could have been an AS paper as it only really asked the basics of IT.) ... Like define a Primary key:rolleyes: LMAO

    However in saying this, I was happy it was easy as I didn't have to stress over things much.

    The only question I didn't like was the one asking how Expert Systems and Insurance teams. Really didn't know that, as I hadn't learnt that. Gave an educated guess.

    In response to your question, I felt that it being Software Development, it was asking for the methodologies, i.e. Waterfall, Prototype, and Rapid Application Development (RAD). If you mentioned RAD, did you remember to write about the Four stages, and how JAD methodologies are used. Also how CASE tools are utilised.

    The bespoke, off-the-shelf, etc. are ways of obtaining new software.:confused:

    Overall I really liked this paper, it still just frustrates me, the amount of work I put in, for it to be so easy, that people who didn't know as much as I do in ICT, would find this really accessible and probably get the same grade. Reckon I've got about 110-114 out of 120 if I be honest with myself, and if CCEA aren't complete *******s about marking.

    And the report question........ OMG you could do that even if you did ICT for GCSE, or didn't do it at all.
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    Why the negative rating? I'm just being honest. I just thought it was an extremely easy paper.
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    (Original post by richard1123)
    That paper was so easy, it was insulting to me....

    I certainly hope you nailed the ass out of the exam for how confident you felt with it. Are you really this arrogant in real life?

    On topic...
    I was doing really well in past papers but that exam killed me. I needed just over 30% in it to get a B in the overall A level but right now I don't know what to think.
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    I apologise like. I just found it easy :/. What I'm saying is, I suppose to sound less arrogant and nicer about it, I probably prepared myself for really hard questions, i.e. talking about TCP/IP CSMA/CD and touch screen types, etc, I literally learnt everything I had to plus more.

    Oh and no I'm not arrogant in real life. :L Sorry if it came across as arrogant.

    The only question I didnt like was on the Expert System and talking about insurance, thought that was rather specific to have to know. I didn't learn the applications of the Expert System in much detail. (-4 marks)

    I have full marks in my coursework, need 20% for a B, need 60% for A, 80% for A*.

    I was predicted an A*, that's why I'm rather confident about it.

    What do you mean it "killed you" like what questions? If you can remember them, I'll say how I answered them, if that would help?
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    Hey,this is slightly off topic but i just did CCEA AS ict and im thinking about keeping it on for alevel. but i was just wondering could anyone explain to me the grade boundaries with regard to cw being worth 50%
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    At AS:
    25% of the final mark is for the web-site
    25% of the final mark is for data processing
    50% is for the exam.

    At A2:
    50% is for the coursework
    50% for the exam.

    So, overall in your final grade:

    12.5% from AS website
    12.5% from AS data processing
    25% from AS exam

    25% from A2 coursework
    25% from A2 exam.


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