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Conflicting University reponse Re: Offers?!

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    I emailed LSE to ask about how my early Maths A-level would be viewed, and I got what seem to be conflicting replies:

    "Any A levels you have taken early are unlikely to be included
    as part of a conditional offer
    , and we typically expect students to
    complete three A levels in one sitting. In order to ensure equity with
    those applicants taking three subjects at one time we may ask those
    students completing only two subjects in Year 13 for higher grades than
    the usual standard offer."

    Natasha Patel
    Student Recruitment Office, LSE

    "With regards to potential offer conditions, should you achieve the
    necessary A in Maths a year early you would be required to obtain AA in
    Economics and German and a pass in Further Maths (grade E or above).
    Further Maths would not count towards the AAA requirement as when it is
    offered alongside Maths and only one other subject (i.e. either
    Economics or German) this subject combination would be considered as too
    narrow in focus. Should you achieve an A* in Maths from your first year you would still be required to achieve AA from your second year."

    Dominic Millns
    Admissions Administrator, LSE

    Do I take this to mean that the Maths A-level may not be counted towards AA offer, as the offer has already been lowered to take that into account?

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    Well no, they're both saying the same thing. Your early A in maths wouldn't be included as part of the conditional offer, because conditional offers are conditional on things you haven't done yet. So when you're looking at what grades fulfil your offer you ignore the grades you already have.


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