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New Cricket Bat

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    I certainly enjoyed using the Powerbow (Gray Nicolls) last season, SH, meaty, good at dishing out some big blows.

    However, I've used it a couple of times this season at it doesn't seem to be middling as well, I think might have to oil this bat a little more regularly than your normal bat.

    But when I used it last year, seemed to have a large middle and felt good. I would also recommend Woodworms if you consider anything else although I hear they might have gone out of business a couple of years ago?

    I would check for weight as well, I haven't really been doing much exercise over the last few months and the bat feels a lot heavier than it did last year!

    Would recommend it on the whole!

    Good luck finding the right bat !
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    ^ Yep, they went out of business!

    I personally buy GM, I bought the new Flare 808 a few weeks back and it's an absolute beauty.

    If you want Gray-Nicolls though, I had a net literally a few days ago with my friend's Oblivion and it is a wonderful bat. Got quite a low middle, so if you play on bouncy wickets frequently, probably not for you - but it is fantastic! (Also SLIGHTLY over your budget with this website, but hunt about a bit and it's around £200!)

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    My brother's have Newbury Krakatoa and Newbury B52 Bomber XL

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    The new hunts range of cricket bats
    are really good, I used a county and a glory and I was smacking the ball everywhere! My favourite gray nicolls though would have to be the kaboom, beast of a bat

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Updated: June 5, 2012
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