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Fashion or Style?

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    Hey, this is a question that I just can not decide on - I am asking the males and females on TSR... what do you prefer - Fashion or Style?
    Personally, I prefer style because in my opinion style is about being unique, which is something I enjoy to do.

    What will it be for you - Fashion or Style and why??
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    “Fashion changes, but style endures.”
    Coco Chanel

    I like this quote a great deal, because i believe it is absolute truth. fashion can change every season, whilst style makes you able to have your own take on fashion, and mould yourself around it.

    Therefore i would much rather be stylish (possibly follow fashion, but not become a slave to it) than fasionable.
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    Style! I've never liked the whole fashion thing... it can be really pretentious and I don't think anyone should tell you what to wear, you should create it yourself.
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    Style, every time.
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    I have to say no matter what the spin is; clothes don't make someone unique. And people who try to be unique for the sake of it are just annoying.
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    Fashion comes and goes, style is timeless
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    I'd say it's the other way around if anything dark horse. Clothes can make you unique if you wear them the right way - if you just whack on the first thing from topman then you're not unique at all. But if you adapt the most recent fashions to your own unique style, that's when you give it the unique edge.

    I don't think it has to be a one or the other situation though. You can be fashionable and stylish. Fashionable on it's own can quite often be cringe worthy if it doesn't work on you, but there's nothing wrong with working a fashion that does suit your style, or adapting a fashion to reflect your own identity. Take those bright yellowy orange chinos everyone seems to wear at the moment - on the large majority of people they look pretty terrible in my opinion, they're clearly just wearing them because they're "in". Most people who wear them would look a hundred times better in a pair of jeans or similar. However, sometimes you do see someone wearing the bright yellowy orange chinos who actually pulls it off really well - that's adapting fashion to your own style and making it work.
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    I pretend that wearing all black with silver jewelry every day is my 'style'

    Really I'm just lazy >_>
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    (Original post by caiitlinz)
    I pretend that wearing all black with silver jewelry every day is my 'style'

    Really I'm just lazy >_>
    I guess that is what we all do right? lool - apart from the different dress sense
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    Style. I don't want to look back at pictures and be like "what the hell was I thinking" :P
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    I always wearing some gold and white gold combination jewelry its new trend to fashionable jewelry.I everyday wear different jewelry and always choose some fashionable jewelry.
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    I think both are great, but you should be slaves to neither. You shouldn't be so ingrained in your style that you refuse to try new ideas, but you shouldn't be such a slave to new trends that you're not comfortable with what you're in.

    I personally see my sense of style as quite a fluid thing, yes there are overall, say, colour palattes or shapes that I prefer and do tend to stick to, but I think it's a really great thing to become inspired by some new trend and be able to work it in with what you've already got. If you do it right, it can give you a whole new piece or colour or shape or whatever.
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    Style Always!
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    I feel like this is a bit of a loaded question. Almost everyone will say 'style' because that implies a good aesthetic, whereas 'fashion' suggests clothing which isn't necessarily attractive or flattering but is popular - but of course any clothes amongst current fashions which are actually good must have style. Style is really just a collection of all the things which have been in fashion that were good enough to stick around.

    So I suppose what I'm saying is it's not a question of having one or the other. It's a question of how much you try to construct your style out of what's currently popular, and how much you look further back, to things that are always popular.

    Frankly, aside from a few gullible people who will wear whatever is 'in this season' without a second thought, those who follow fashion more are likely to also be more stylish, simply because they pay more attention to the clothes that they wear. I couldn't tell you what's in fashion now, or has been at any point in the last 5 years, but that doesn't mean I am, instead, stylish. It means I wear jeans, t-shirts and drab jumpers most of the time, and don't stray beyond wearing a nice shirt when the occasion calls for me to pay attention to the way I'm dressing.
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    Style of course, if I was fashionable I'd look like most people, haha.

    I remember that awkward moment I went to T in the Park on the Sunday for the Foo Fighters and was one of the only girls not wearing shorts, wellies and knee high socks. I had my striped jeans, doc marten triumphs, steampunk jacket and band tee on ha.

    Having style is much better, I'd rather be ridiculed for being different than "accepted" for being a sheep. x3


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