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Best smartphone for a newbie (under £150)

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    I want to buy my first smartphone (pay as you go) but i don't know what to get. I just need one that's good for browsing. A decent battery life would be good too. I've been considering the Samsung Galaxy mini, Samsung Galaxy Ace, BlackBerry Curve 9320 and LG Optimus L3.

    I'd be grateful if you could give your opinion on these choices and/or suggestions on any other phone that would be best for beginners. I'm not good with technology so I'd like something that i can use straight out of the box.

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    What about the Huawei ascend g300?
    It has reasonable specs and costs 100 quid from Vodafone.
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    Great offer on Samsung Galaxy Ace at Carphone Warehouse!

    Only £7.50 for 250 mins, 5000 texts, 500mb data. I'm thinking of getting the deal, selling the phone (to fund getting a Galaxy S2) and keeping the contract sim. Works out at roughly for £15 a month when I add the price for the galaxy S2

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    get the samsung galaxy ace on 3 pay as you go .
    you get 3000mins 300texts and unlimited data for £15 per month.
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    (Original post by IamBeowulf)
    What about the Huawei ascend g300?
    It has reasonable specs and costs 100 quid from Vodafone.
    Absolutely this!

    Just make sure you get the internet and settings set up at the Vodafone store before you leave!
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    Thanks for your recommendations.
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    HTC Wildfire around £100 great budget phone, HTC Desire C (I think it's C)around 170 pound great budget phone.

    Orange san Francisco around £60 another great budget smartphone (Better than the Wildfire but the Wildfire has HTC sense and HTC sense is much better than whatever that uses)
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    The Carphone Warehouse's deal on the Lumia 710 for £100 is unbeatable at the moment. Brilliant phone, crazy price.
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    I would suggest htc chacha. The buttons make texting easy. Also you can get the same apps as an iphone

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    (Original post by estel)
    The Carphone Warehouse's deal on the Lumia 710 for £100 is unbeatable at the moment. Brilliant phone, crazy price.
    That Lumia for £100 is a very very good deal..........the other one is the HTC Desire C for £140 from o2
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    What about the Blackberry Curve 9320 , My little sister has it, and its quite good!
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    Don't get a blackberry. You have to pay more on PAYG to get internet on them, which is pretty ridiculous considering how far ahead android and apple are in every respect. There really isn't a single reason to buy a blackberry (no, not even BBM - there are plenty of alternatives).

    I'd go for the Wildfire or Desire C personally.


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