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Completely new to the IB...any help at all!

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    So i'm going to be taking the IB at a new school in September and basically, I know what it is, I'd just like some advice?

    Firstly subject wise, how do you choose what to take at each level? I think i would probably take,
    English HL
    History HL
    Geography/Biology HL

    Maths SL
    French/Mandarin SL
    Geography/Biology SL

    Is that a good combination? Or would people advise otherwise?
    Also, the CAS, I assume i can do that within the school as i'd be a boarder, but what type of things did people do for it?

    Sorry, it seems rather alot, but any advice at all would be greatly appreciated however small
    Thankyou again,
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    Your subject choice is fine. Biology is quite content heavy at HL but from what I've heard neither biology or geography are difficult at SL or HL. There's just more to learn.

    Just make sure that you don't procrastinate loads and you should be fine.
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    hey I'm new to the IB myself...also going to boarding school. what school will you be going to?
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    I'm a boarder at an IB school (if you go to the same school as me i can give you advice ) and do Mandarin as French is so boring.
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    What school do you go to?

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