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Cheap ways to decorate your room?

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    I'm looking for some cheap ideas to make your room look original. I've already made bunting from bits of magazines and ribbon, and hung that all across my room, and I've made a mobile from cutlery haha! Anyone got any good ideas?
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    - Cheap fairy lights: wind around your bed frame or bookshelves. You can pick them up for a couple of ££s in discount stores or offline

    - It takes a while but can look really good: cut out a short quote or lyric in colourful magazine paper and stick it up on your wall. Trust me at first it won't look good but my the time you're finished the end result looks great!

    - Get a simple cork notice-board and pin stuff up - photos, drawings, magazine cut-outs, postcards...

    -....which brings me on to my next point: postcards! You can get awesome postcards with all kinds of amazing photography, art, fashion, jokes, quotes, really cheaply. Online is a good place to start, or try quirky little stationery/bits-and-bobs stores

    - If you are good at art, stick up a few of your drawings or paintings somwhere. And of course, posters are an easy way to decorate. Try and pick up old retro prints, I love them SO much and they really brighten up rooms

    - Dreamcatchers are really cheap but can fill in an empty space on the wall! I love the really old battered ones that you get in markets etc not the bright ones that are everywhere nowadays

    - Make a photo wall: stick up tons of photos, you can print them out through Aldi for a really cheap price. It;s cute to dig out some old childhood ones and do a little timeline somewhere, too.

    - Another way of showcasing photos: buy a few cheap scarves in bright colours, pin them on the wall, pin the photos on top of them. I've done that along a narrow strip of wall and it looks really nice

    - Trawl round charity/vintage/thrift stores and find cute little knick-knacks that you can dot around. Nothing tacky, just things you think are sweet and say something about you. Silly things like glasses of sea shells, candles, insense, little statues, etc, can all look cute.

    - Put pins in the wall or on your wardrobe or around your mirror and hang your necklaces from them

    - I can't remember the right word for them, but you know those pretty screens you can get that stand in the corner of rooms? Those are great for covering up mess if your room is big enough.

    - Pretty cushions / shawls on your bed.

    Hope this helps, I've done all of this in various bedrooms over the years and they all work well and are obviously cheap or free The cutlery mobile sounds pretty cool by the way!

    - One thing I have never done but have always wanted to do is to get one of those old-fashioned fabric mannequins with the wooden stand to hand clothes on and put shoes under. I just think it would look fab... But I don't know how much they are. I imagine you could pick up an old one fairly cheaply and patch it up yourself, though,
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    Thankyou so much thats so helpful!!
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    (Original post by MissConnie)
    I'm looking for some cheap ideas to make your room look original. I've already made bunting from bits of magazines and ribbon, and hung that all across my room, and I've made a mobile from cutlery haha! Anyone got any good ideas?

    'nuff said
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    if you're doing a wall magazine thing, it can be a good idea to get some sort of brown paper / greaseproof paper / other kind of wrapping as a base, so that you don't put things directly on the wall; this makes it so much easier to move around!

    Also, you can re-use old jam jars for stationary and things; if you make a fabric covering for the top this can look very stylish; my friend has done it in her room. She also has lots of old newspaper cuttings on her wall, which look really cool.
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    One or two of the posters in my rooms are ones I searched for online (maybe some cool quotes or a funky list of things) and printed it off myself, and I've made floaty patterns hang from my wall/window by printing out a pattern or symbol reptitively and adding colour, attaching it to string and hanging it.
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    I bought some of those small door hooks/general hooks and bought some pretty baubles - most likely they're christmas baubles but mine are multicoloured and with polkadots on them, so they don't look christmassy at all. Posters, bits of ribbon, cushions, blankets, teddybears.. I also bought a small tablecloth type thing for my desk. It's like a table-runner - from IKEA Candles are good too. Scented ones are better. :p: If you get a noticeboard (bought one really cheaply from homebase) you can decorate that too.
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    I covered my wardrobe in some of the nicer club flyers that I was handed.

    Also, the eBay home decor section is rather good. You often find the exact same stuff there that Urban Outfitters sells, but for a third of the price, because UO doesn't design most of the stuff it sells, it just buys it in. Just make sure that you don't search for 'Urban Outfitters Owl Blackboard', but do 'Owl Blackboard' instead
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    I've tiled my whole bedroom with this picture

    Got through a few ink cartridges but all in all it was pretty cost-effective


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