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What do you think of this body (Picture included)

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	snapshot2012061164.jpg 
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    Is he chubby?
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    yeah, obese...
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    Not chubby but piss poor aesthetic mate.

    EDIT : Seriously, is that meant to be a bicep? That forearm looks like a snappable twig...
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    Poor posture.
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    (Original post by CharlieBoardman)
    Thank God you're here to inform us (!)
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    (Original post by Formerly Helpful_C)
    Thank God you're here to inform us (!)
    You're entirely welcome (!)
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    Too much curling, not enough benching bro. Chest is practically inverted.
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    Poor choice of curtains.
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    Not chubby, but serious curlbro. Get benching, working on your forearms (grip) and get military pressing. Also, from your curlbro aesthetic I can assume you don't deadlift or squat; do it. Nothing's good-looking about disproportionate body parts, especially ones that make it obvious you only train biceps..
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    Too much bicep and nothing of anything else really...
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    Your clavicle creeps me out... it's like coming out of your body or something...
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