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GCSE grade boundaries are here - GO> 23-08-2016
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    Detective Manorama requests that you delete this thread. Thank you for your co-operation.

    Why not retake it in January (you should have retaken it this month to be honest). Getting an E is RE is pretty bad but I don't think the university will look at that and instantly reject you so it's not that big of a deal. I think you have to include all of your grades because they can check it up (when they search in your unique UCI (I think) number), if you don't include it and they find out then it will look really bad on your part.

    A lie of omission is still a lie, and withholding information from UCAS can invalidate your application. It's RE, it isn't relevant to Dentistry, so I wouldn't worry about it being detrimental to your application.

    ****, don't say that... :'(

    I got a U on my IT course because they didn't withdraw me but said I didn't have to go lessons... is that acceptable?

    I dont get the idea of withdrawing. Surely a r.e Gcse is better than no Gcse. Some tell me the benefits of withdrawing. Im confused

    Samsung > Apple

    If it isn't a grade C and above it is not worth it.. It might aswell be no GCSE so when you need to retake at some college or sixth and they ask for atleast a D in that subject or no prior GCSE qualification.
    it saves you alot of trouble

    Believe me - They didn't let me take my GCSE in Maths and 7 years on - still no GCSE maths because of it.

    (Original post by zapppa)
    It's half a GCSE (short course) and it just stands out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the grades.
    Nonetheless, you are required to declare it or risk invalidating your application. However, as it does stick out like a sore thumb amongst all your other grades, it is clearly nothing more than an off day/subject and totally irrelevant to your present application and level of ablility. A response of 'Meh' seems the most likely response from an admissions tutor. Cover yourself by declaring it and then forget about it.

    (Original post by Glenbot3000)
    ****, don't say that... :'(

    I got a U on my IT course because they didn't withdraw me but said I didn't have to go lessons... is that acceptable?
    A U means you didn't get a grade, therefore it's not a qualification and you don't need to include it.


    You have to include all grades you have achieved.

    I think you have to declare everything..


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