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Best money saving techniques?

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    So I want to start saving for my car, I passed my theory yesterday and have worked out that I should pass in under 8 weeks.

    My job pays me well for a 17 year old and I would say I am on around £200 a week. Im looking to save at least £100 a week so when I pass I should have around £800 to buy my car with.

    Only problem is I always put the money aside and end up spending it on silly things that I can live without.

    So my question is this, do you know of any good money saving techniques?

    PS I get paid weekly every friday!
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    Oh come on! Don't buy the things you don't need!
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    don't buy anything
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    Exactly like Bellissima said, don't buy anything unless necessary, there are plenty of ways to have fun without spending a penny
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    put your bank card in the bottom of your freezer!
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    Give your money to your mummy.
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    Buy and mush up some paracetamol. Create an alter ego alternate to a mafia boss and then create a scenario where you owe him thousands of pounds for the crack you bought.

    Rinse and repeat.
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    Find out what day the deliveries come at your local supermarket, then the night before go in before closing time and buy all the clearance goods. So cheap it's criminal! ASDA whoopsies are amazing
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    (Original post by Neimad)
    Find out what day the deliveries come at your local supermarket, then the night before go in before closing time and buy all the clearance goods. So cheap it's criminal! ASDA whoopsies are amazing
    That's genuinely amazing advice!
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    well you could always try giving it to your parents to hold on to untill you have enough for your car, i assume you can trust them not to dip in to it ?
    failing that, at least i have this with my bank at lloyds, i get an online savings account which you can only access when you go on line and transfer it into the current account ergo if you try and use your debit card it wont be able to debit any of the money from that account. I always found it quite handy when i have money lying around which i dont want to spend, plus you get interest on it
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    Don't spend 2 pound coins I put them in a jar then when I have 10 pay them into the bank easy way to save £20 at a time
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    Set up an ISA and just transfer your savings each week into that so you can't spent them. that's what I do and it's really piling up.


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Updated: June 15, 2012
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