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Which character from a book/film/tv show...

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    should have died but didn't.
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    Kenny from south park... oh wait
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    Eddard Stark :cry2:
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    (Original post by Gofre)
    Eddard Stark :cry2:
    He kind of annoyed me to be honest. He was TOO good, especially for A Song of Ice and Fire.
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    Road Runner.
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    Harry Potter.
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    team rocket from pokemon, surely flying miles into the air at the end of every episode would kill them :/?
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    The main character in the film Source Code. It was a good film, but then the ending ruined it by allowing him to live and then not fully explaining why he was still alive (or it did, but very poorly). If he had died it would have made the film a lot better.
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    Dolores Umbridge.
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    James Bond. C'mon, the guy gets monologued in every single effing film! Just shoot the guy and destroy the world already!


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Updated: June 16, 2012
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