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Applying despite lower entry requirements

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    This question isn't for me necessarily, it's for a friend. However, I suppose I'd like t know the answer. If a university has the entry requirements of ABB with the 'A' in a certain subject, such as chemistry, what if you get predicted an ABB but it's not in chemistry? do you think there's any point in revising?
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    There's always point in revising, unless you're one of those annoying people who don't. But I think you meant applying.

    If it's only one choice out of your 5 and your others are more within your reach, then yes, apply. But don't apply to all 5 courses requiring more than you're predicted. A sensible spread would be 1 or 2 higher, 1 or 2 the same as you're predicted, and 1 or 2 lower. But remember you need to want to go to them all.
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    Most uni's are very strict, some are lenient. You can ask if they are lenient before applying too.
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    Thank you! Yes i meant applying... damn, you can tell i still have revision in my head! -_- but thank you both!


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Updated: June 16, 2012
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