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Abercrombie and Fitch model forced to masturbate before photo shoot

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    Edit: Sorry for the DM source.
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    Wow. Just...

    I don't even care if it's fabricated or not. The idea iself is just bizarre.
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    obviously Bull
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    So Abercrombie and Fitch didn't force him to toss off before a shoot (pun intended), but a dodgy photographer did.
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    When Mr Bowers finished masturbating, Hilburn displayed his own penis to compare the sizes of the two men's genitals, according to TMZ.

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    getting payed to batter one out ... worse things have happened.
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    It's ironic that in this case the masturbation occurred before the general public saw the photographs.
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    Only on the dailymail

    This was posted from The Student Room's iPhone/iPad App
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    Not surprised.

    Their clothes are aimed at tossers anyway
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    He wasn't forced to mastabate, he could have said no however he went and did it. Its plain weird that he was asked to do it however I can't see how it is illegal. If the guy pinned him down and tossed him off himself then that would be a crime, but asking someone to do something weird an him obliging it is just his own bloodly fault for agreeing.
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    In the unlikely event that this is true, yet another reason not to buy their clothes.
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    we all know whos getting the money....
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    Well when opportunity knocks. I wonder where the figure of $1 Million was pulled from. Either way I hope he loses.
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    TBF, I think he's in his right to file a lawsuit. Asking someone to do that is out of order. He's a model, not a pornstar. And whether or not he felt pressured into it is another thing, but I probably wouldn't say no if I was being asked to do it by one of the biggest employers I'm ever likely to have. At least the company might learn a lesson. Or make people realise that the company seems to value making softcore porn above decent, affordable, worth-the-price-tag clothes.
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    (Original post by moonkatt)
    So Abercrombie and Fitch didn't force him to toss off before a shoot (pun intended), but a dodgy photographer did.
    WTF? The photographer is a seriously dodgy and sexually-repressed man! I do feel a little sorry for the model, but at some point common sense should have prevailed, whilst he was being coerced into this and he should've realised this is isn't part of the photo shoot, not to mention hugely dodgy and wrong.
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    he could've said no. sounds like a bad case of ****er's remorse
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    Should have just told him to **** off. Well with a name like "Benjamine" he was going to be a pussy.
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    can i get a job there ?
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    (Original post by ManchesterUnited7_)
    can i get a job there ?
    Maybe if you got a Zayn Malik hairstyle..


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