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Are we (the British) the biggest gamers in Europe?

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    I get the feeling that we (the British) are like the Americans of Europe - very big gamers.

    When I think of countries like Spain, Italy and Portugal, I get the feeling that they are not very big gamers (hot countries?)

    I kind of get the feeling that the Scandinavians are big gamers though.

    France, Germany, Belgium, Holland - fairly big gamers.

    Eastern Europe - not so much.

    Anyone know if this feeling is correct?

    Like are there are sales figures that can back this up?

    For example PS3 sales for every country in Europe?

    Or maybe FIFA or CoD sales for each European country?

    I would expect us to be no.1 in any such list.
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    I'd say the French are up there too?
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    From what I saw Spain weren't huge gamers really... nothing compared to here at least
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    on FIFA 11 on Gameranger there are so many Eastern Europeans.
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    The British Empire stretches out even into the virtual world!
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    CoD online is full of french and spanish!
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    Statistically, the UK is the third largest domestic gaming market for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo after the US and Japan. So yes, we're pretty big gamers xD I'd imagine that China are bigger as an MMO market through sheer force of numbers but Sony, MS and Nintendo don't sell their consoles there. Korea probably gives us a good run for our money, but a much higher proportion of Koreans are PC gamers anyway.

    I'm not sure about the rest of Europe, but I must say that encounters with none-Brit Europeans online have been a rare occurrence for me.
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    (Original post by Foghorn Leghorn)
    CoD online is full of french and spanish!
    There's like 50% youth unemployment in Spain lol.
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    Dutch, Germans, Swedish and Norsemen on the PC Uk probably does edge it one consoles. Pc gamers are usually far more hardcore. I however prefer consoles for games like COD, however you cant beat Runescape and mine craft.
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    No where near.
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    (Original post by IWantSomeMushu)
    There's like 50% youth unemployment in Spain lol.
    when you are unemployed you shouldn't be gaming at all....
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    We sell a lot, but we're one of the weakest for competitive gaming - we don't have any big events like MLG or Dreamhack and we have few players attending those events.
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    Back when I played Starcraft 1 on battle.net, european server, FULL of Germans.

    Had no clue what they were going on about, which is frustrating for a team match.

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    Scandinavians are massive gamers, especially on MMO's like world of Warcraft.
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    The British followed by the French. Personalle experience of clan matches and such.
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    Got it wrong, we're now 4th behind the Canadians. That still leaves us as the biggest in Europe, though

    Source: http://www.networkworld.com/news/201...est-video.html
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    When playing Battle for Middle Earth or Battlefront II I always see lots of Germans in there, so I think it's fair to say Germany is a major gaming country. It even has Gamescom, which is superior to E3 in every way other than the scale. which all E3 is is marketing.
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    I'd say the Finnish and the Dutch are pretty big. Relative to their size it incredible how many of them you see online.
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    Whenever I was on bfbc2 or cod I'd notice a lot of French players. It was relieving to find some Scottish or English players lol
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    I also think that the Dutch and the Belgians spend a lot of time playing, but actually I have no idea!!


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Updated: June 28, 2012
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