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Postgraduate Essays

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    Dear all postgraduates,

    I was wondering whether anyone's ever had the experience of disagreeing with the feedback from an essay? I'm doing English Lit postgrad. And on a recent essay feedback, I felt like there was more a disagreement of views than a serious critical blindspot.

    Has anyone ever felt like this? Or am I at this stage inevitably less experienced and am most likely to be mistaken?

    Thanks y'all for listening and I hope everyone here got into the postgraduate schools they wanted!

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    Yes, and I don't think there should be a problem with discussing this with the tutor/supervisor who marked the essay. I had an essay where I felt my tutor had marked me down unfairly for missing an issue, I raised the matter (constructively) with him, and he said he saw my point and raised the mark... You might not get the same outcome, but if not at least you should get a better understanding of where he/she thinks you went wrong. You will find of course that postgrad essays are generally marked a lot more critically than undergrad ones (or at least, I did).
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    Yes definitely. It helps to speak to other students on the course and ask them about their experiences. On my course we discovered that one particular marker really disliked a particular research method and would mark down everybody who used that method quite unfairly. I think you can discuss it with the marker, and if you still feel that there's a strong case you can speak to your department about requesting a remark.
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    Hey sj27 and Craghyrax,

    Thanks for your replies, appreciate it. And it's nice to hear the experiences of others. Thanks again! xx
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    Well I remembered the days when I was doing my masters.
    I always had the negative feed back from my teachers from essays!
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    Well I remembered the days when I was doing my masters.
    I always had the negative feed back from my teachers from essays!


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