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What's wrong with me

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    These days, I can not fall asleep. I go to bed at around 2 o'clock and wake up at 6. In the daytime, I have so many things to do so I don't get a rest. For the first few days, I thought it was OK and it would get back to normal. But I'm worried about this now. This isn't good, right? :confused:

    Are you stressed? Or maybe your sleep schedule is just messed up, also the more you think about going to sleep the harder it is to actually fall asleep. Try watching TV before until your eyes feel tired or something. If it's really horrible go to the doctor, they'll be able to give you better advice than people on TSR.

    Turn off lights, tv, laptop etc when it starts getting dark, your body should naturally know that it's almost bedtime.

    I've been waking up very early myself lately, have you got light coloured curtains? If so, find a way of not letting as much light through in the morning.
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    Thanks guys. Maybe I need to go to the doctor.

    you wake up at 6 because you have to or do you just wake up naturally?

    Someone said to watch tv until your eyes get heavy. Don't do this.

    everywhere i looked in the past to help me with sleeping said not to watch tv, have your laptop on or use your phone an hour before going to bed.

    Try going to be earlier than 2. This way you can still use the day time for the things you need to do, and get more sleep.

    When i had troubles sleeping, the thing that i found the most helpful was to have a hot milky drink. No caffeine, no sugar, either milk or ovaltine or horlicks etc. I would go to bed half an hour - hour earlier than i wanted to get to sleep, with a cup of warm milk and a book. I would lie in bed with these, read the book and drink the drink. I wouldn't use the main overhead light as it is too bright, instead i would use a lamp at the side of my bed. As soon as i started feeling tired i would make sure i had finished my drink (don't want to waste do we?) put the book down, turn light off and sleep.
    the worst thing to do in this scenario is to read until you fall asleep with the book in your hand.

    Of course the above scenario worked with me, may not work for you but can't hurt to try can it ?

    Good luck


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Updated: June 30, 2012
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