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Lump at back of neck

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    Not quite sure where this should go but a few years ago I had two piercings in the back of my neck, I had them for a few months until I knocked them and they became quite painful so obviously I took them out.

    The only thing now is that every mow and then I get a lump that appears there. It's quite painful and is often really itchy but will disappear after about an hour - obviously something I cant go to my GP about as I dont know when it will show up and when it will go.

    Any ideas what this is??

    If it were permenant it may have been sscar tissue but that sounds unlikely. I would guess there's a small chance a tiny bit of the jewelry is lodged there creating minor inflammations periodically.

    I myself have two, constant, small lumps towards the lower of my back either side of my spine. I've been told and through a google search found that they are quite normal and nother to worry about, yours may be similar.

    If you're really concerned then check for them eevry 1-2 weeks and when they appear go see the doctor, they'll tell you straight up if there's anything to worry about
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    It won't be jewellry, as I took both of my bars out and the lump is appearing inbewteen the sight where both piercings were.

    As I said as soon as the lump comes
    it goes, so as soon as Inget a Dr's appointment theres no point, as its gone
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    Other than the bump, has the piercing sights healed ok? No pain from them?
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    Yeah they've healed fine


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Updated: July 7, 2012
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