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The man who tried to destroy Britain

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    This man has made the lives of so many people complete nightmares with Eastern Europeans running around, it is beyond belief.

    Before I get "u iz a racist", I don't care where people come from or what colour their skin. However, when you take people who are culturally adapted to one environment and stick them in another guess what- they collide!

    I appreciate there are some eastern europeans who are hard working- but why the hell have we got families of 8 with a single mother moving over here and claiming benefits? Which idiot allowed this to happen?

    The thing which really annoys me is that he doesnt have to live with his decisions- just like he wouldnt tell us if Leo had an MMR injection whilst he preached the rest of the country to get it done, oh- just like he told the rest of the country we should have comprehensive schooling whilst he sent his children to London school's where the average house price in the catchment area was £1million!
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    There is absolutely no doubt that a lot of immigrants have made contributions to the UK, but at what cost?

    A lot more Brits are on the dole now (albeit many for selfish reasons) - it's almost as if politicians are in denial as to why that is.
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    Sorry, I thought the thread title was referring to Mr Cameron
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    (Original post by tj hughes)
    Sorry, I thought the thread title was referring to Mr Cameron
    It couldn't possibly be Mr Cameron because the title is in the past tense.
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    The world should close its borders to brits, see if we like that then.
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    (Original post by zaliack)
    It couldn't possibly be Mr Cameron because the title is in the past tense.

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    Haha coursework.info replied, nobody interested :smug:
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    ZOMG OP, look at you, such powerful political criticism.
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    A cynic might say that mass immigration serves well the wealthier classes since it provides both a cheaper labour force and a larger market to sell goods and services to. It also has the advantage that the youth of immigrants bolsters support for Britain's aged population, who would, otherwise have to be supported by increased taxation.

    All in all, you're rich, immigrants are pretty sweet. If you're not, you're gonna feel bitter.


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