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Applying for joint degrees (History and Economics)

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    Hey, I'm thinking of applying for a joint degree in history and economics and thus I have split my personal statement into talking about both.

    However there arent a lot of universities that offer the joint degree and therefore I'm thinking of applying for some straight economics courses and choose some more history-oriented modules....but will I be discriminated/filtered out by admissions tutors for a straight economics course when I've spent half of my PS talking about history?

    Thinking of applying for:

    Oxford - History and economics
    LSE - Economics and economic history
    Warwick - Economics
    Nottingham - Economics
    SOAS - History and economics
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    Finally, another history and economics person on studentroom! As you can see, there are a lot of us here :/


    I'm applying for economics joint with something else at places which don't do Economics and History/Economic History, eg, at Sussex, I'm going for Economics and International Relations. This way, I'm hoping admissions tutors can see I'm interested in International Relations, for instance, in my 'ooh, aren't I a very well-rounded person' paragraph. This might be a better idea than just going for straight economics, but I'm not sure, as either way the history paragraph is redundant.

    Another idea is putting your economics paragraph first, then saying something like 'I am also very interested in history...' which could be interpreted as wanting to study it at uni, or enjoying it as a hobby. You could also relate your history paragraph strongly to economic history, so its still relevant to most degrees.

    Tbh, most universities will be more interested in your grades then your PS. Ultimately, if you're going for a BBB university, for example, they'd probably be happy to take a student with an awful PS but straight As.

    Also, PLEASE CAN WE BE FRIENDS. I am literally the only person in my college applying for History and Economics, and apparently the only person to have applied for some time, so I would appreciate some help.
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    Hi there! I'm looking at History and Economics joint honours too!

    I'm thinking of Universities of York and Leeds for BA Economics and History then Newcastle, Sheffield, Queen Mary and Manchester for straight Economics and possibly LSE for Economic History! I fell in LOVE with Leeds on their Open Day!

    As for personal statements, I was talking to an admissions tutor at York and he was saying that it would a good idea to show how Economics and History link together too...

    Good luck for August!
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    As you can see, there are a lot of us here :/

    At the time, no one had replied to this thread, but now they have


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