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Toned in 12 Weeks

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    Toned in 12 Weeks

    Been trying to diet down for quite a while now but have faced some major setbacks for a couple of weeks. Hopefully this contest will not only give me the kick up the backside I desperately need, but also hold me accountable and keep me motivated.

    Starting Stats:

    Weight: 79.3kg ~low 20% body fat.
    Goal: Low to mid teens% body fat in twelve weeks.






    I feel horrible just looking at these. This contest just had to start on the back of a multi-day pigfest [look at all that food behind me!]

    Workout #1

    Squats: 140kg 3x6
    RDL: 135kg 2x8
    Seated Press: 22kg 2x6, 1x2
    Chin Ups: 2x8
    Pushdown: 30kgx8, 41kg x12

    Aims: Try and be a lot more mindful when I eat. Make better food choices and really learn to listen to my body, am I hungry or is my brain just being silly etc.
    Macro's for day 1: 25/23/177 C/F/P

    Happy Days!

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    Nice title, lol!

    Seriously though, good luck. Hopefully you can really get your diet sorted and make an awesome transformation!


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Updated: July 3, 2012
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