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Lancaster Accommodation Adverts 2012

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    I have a double room available to rent on Lincoln Road in Lancaster, £85 a week. The other person in the house is a 20 year old, female undergraduate studying English Language. Details are available here -http://www.studenthousinglancaster.co.u k/property.php?property=209.

    PM me for more information
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    Flatmate wanted: 85 pound a week all inclusive and 10min walk from campus sharing with two males. PM me if interested.
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    House still available if anyone's interested
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    The flat is located in Alexandra Hall (between Revs and City Block) on Penny Street in Lancaster. There is a spacious living room with attached kitchen. The kitchen has ample storage and contains a dishwasher, cooker, microwave, fridge and freezer. The living room has two three-seater sofas and a chair and has a 42" LCD TV. The vacant room has a double bed, desk, chair, sink, wardrobe and plenty of storage. The contract runs until 30th June 2013 and rent is £333.66 a month and includes all utilities .

    There are currently four male undergraduates living in the flat and share two bathrooms.
    If this is of interest, private message me.
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    Hello So basically we have 1 spare room available in Lancaster near the train station. If anyone is interested then please PM me

    Firstly it's £52 a week (not including bills). It's a 6 bedroom house, 2 girls, 3 boys at the minute. 4 second years and 1 post grad.

    We have keys already but can only move in beginning of September, although you can store things in the basement if you wish over summer. It's got a decent size kitchen and living room, 2 bathrooms. There is space for parking a car too! Massive basement under the house

    There is a summer retainer we have to pay. It's a 10 week retainer which equals half rent so £29.50 a week, which adds up to £295. We've all paid ours. This is a contract of the house and you will have to pay it if you want the house

    Any questions feel free to ask away!
    Thank you
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    We have a spare room so are looking for a room mate. It is a four bed house about 10min walk from the Sainbury's in town.
    Rent is £80 a week including bills.

    Please PM me for details/if you are interested

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    Recently, there have been a lot of posts about rooms for rent this coming academic year. Whilst these are beneficial for people still hunting for a room [and for insurance students to keep an eye on], there is a dedicated thread for Accommodation Classifieds on The Student Room.

    This section can be found here: http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=576.

    For the time being, all adverts previously posted on the Lancaster Forum will be combined in this thread. They may - in future - be moved over to the main Accommodation Classifieds board.
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    Accommodation Available in Lancaster

    • In the centre of town
    • Double bed
    • 2 other flatmates
    • Brand new building
    • £87 a week
    Message me for details.
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    Hi everyone!
    I am looking for a room on 26-30 of sep ! If there is any spare room, please message me ! Thanks all and nice to meet you guys!!!

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    Double bed rooms available for house minutes away from city station and Lancaster train station, spacious house with sound flatmates. £65 weekly without bills fairly cheap with house furnished...PM me for details!!


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Updated: September 14, 2012
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