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Writer's block for personal statement

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    I have attempted to start writing my personal statement (after making a few brief notes on what, why I want to study economics) but I just can't write the first sentence. I have read that the beginning is the most important part and I have read some example personal statement openings. They're amazing but I can't create my own.

    I am finding it really hard to get the first sentence! Any tips on how to get there? Thanks.
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    You really have to sell yourself but express your goals and ambitions. There might be a lot of competition so they want to distinguish you from the rest! What do you want to achieve from this degree?
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    Don't write the first line first? Do the rest of it and then decide how to open it? Sorry, I don't know beyond that - I have the same problem as you atm!!!!
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    I had this issue this time last year. Literally just stick something down there to start writing and getting your ideas down. I guarantee that your first draft will look nothing like your final draft. Just forget about the character limit and get down everything you want to say and then get your form tutor or subject staff to help you edit from there.

    You won't get the perfect punchy opening first time, but you'll think of it eventually. Oh, and don't be afraid to sound like an arrogant idiot. We all do on our personal statements, universities expect it.

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    Forget about the start. In fact forget about writing in sentences....just brain dump points and thoughts and ideas that you think are important. The second draft is where you then turn that into coherent sentences and then the 3rd draft is when you start pulling those sentences together to form some sort of structure. By that point your opening section should be starting to form itself.


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Updated: July 19, 2012
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