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what sort of money can you make in PR / marketing?

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    Hello all,

    I don't mean to sound like a douche but does anyone know how much money you can make at the top of the profession, in PR? Firms like Bell Pottinger are bringing in say 65mil per year, which is comparable with some accountancy firms, so do the top guys at these places earn a great deal? Is a board director on a couple of hundred thousand, for example? I realise it's not as well paid as other professions but was just interesting because it would seem the money is there...

    Any help would be very much appreciated.


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    I answered your other question like this

    Yes board directors will be on a comfortable 6 figures, and an account director (account executive > account manager > account director) will usually be on on 60-100k.

    Curious as to why you ask, is it something you're considering?
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    hey, thanks for the info! I am just trying to make sense of how comfortable you can be in this line of work. Of course money isn't everything though. I have a rough idea about salary bands now but was wondering if anyone had any specific insider info. Yeah, I am considering it because I like the look of the work. Particularly, corporate / crisis management and financial. How about you?
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    No worries! What's your current background?

    I'm currently in a bit of a conundrum, had two job offers last week and I'm currently awaiting to hear back from Four Communications tomorrow, fairly confident I have it - though that just makes things worse in a sense. Basically I have to make a decision as to what sector I would like to go into, I know it won't quite define my career yet but it'll certainly have an impact as each are quite specific, argh.

    As for some inside knowledge, straight from one of the directors at Four; career progression is entirely what you make of it, there's no set amount of years to be in xxx positon as such. If you're good enough you can jump from exec to manager pretty quickly. One of the guys at Four went from graduate account exec to account director in 7 years.
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    So if you make it to account director by 30, you could be on a wage that is comparable with some of the corporate law guys, at associate level in London firms (not magic circle, silver or US).
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    Yes - but obviously that is for the small percentage who are nothing short of outstanding at what they do, statistically more lawyers will be earning that much, but it's doable.

    Worth noting that is likely to be in the corporate / financial / healthcare sectors as there is generally more money in and out than in consumer.
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    It's interesting, because from some I've heard PR is definitely not the career to go into if you're money-driven, since at the very least it's slow-starting. But then, I don't know an awful lot about the salary side of it just yet and tbf I'd guess it varies from place to place!
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    It can range anywhere from £25,000 to £100,000+.

    The average is about £35,000.


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Updated: October 22, 2012
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