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Just I.T Apprenticeship

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    Should i do an apprenticeship with them? Or are they scammers?

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    I recently applied for an apprenticeship in i.t. The people organising the apprenticeship are Just I.T and ive been wondering whether to attend an open day today at 5pm. Ive done research on the company and many people have said that they are scammers.... Anyone had experience with these people?...

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    Is this the just IT at Liverpool street. If so, I would deffo recommend them. They got me a job working with a large investment company, and am on track to complete the apprenticeship next month. They are a small business that is constantly growing.
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    Have you been given one or just decideding to apply or not.Since the post above me has only one post i would not take it to heart since they could be working for that company (Has been seen on other parts of the forum).

    I would apply go to the interview and decide weather you like it or not.
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    I think they are weird based on what I saw of the website. You literally could make up a course then be paid £18,000 for it? Urm next.


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