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    Screen Name: NancyK94

    Gender: Female

    Surname: Kelly

    First Name: Nancy

    Birth Place: Kent

    Birth Date: 25/06/1994

    Age: 18

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): Isle Of Wight

    Siblings (Names & Ages): 2. Emily and Connor

    Eye Colour: hazel

    Hair Colour: dark brown

    Lefty/Righty: Righty




    English lit: B
    English Lang : C
    Science: C
    Science: C
    Music: C

    AS Levels
    Year taken: 2011
    Performing Arts: C
    History: C
    English literature

    Year taken: 2012 (predicted)

    Performing Arts: B
    History: B
    English lit: C

    Universities Applied to:
    1: Anglia Ruskin
    2: Bath Spa
    3: Liverpool John Moore
    4: Wolverhampton


    Colour: Yellow

    Sport: dancing

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: lemonade and lime

    Alcoholic Drink: malibu

    Football (Soccer) Team: Liverpool

    School Subject: performing Arts

    Holiday Destination: Italy

    Crisp Flavour: cheese and onion

    Movie: bridesmaids

    General Interests & Aspirations

    I love going out and just being with my friends in general. my passion is performing arts, I'd love to be a performer but teaching is the road i think i'm going to go down after i get my performing arts degree
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    :hello: Welcome to TSR!



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Updated: July 20, 2012
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