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Bolton University

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    Does anyone in here go to Bolton University? if so whats it like there? is it a good place to go out in the weekends?

    I plan to go there as I didn't get very good grades in school so its hard for me to get into a more decent uni so I plan to do well in my first year and then switching to a different uni.

    any input would be great

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    Hi John,
    I'm in my second year at Bolton Uni, and it sounds like you're looking at it for the same reasons I did, low grades at A Level, though for me there was also the added attraction of being near Manchester. The uni itself is relatively tiny, occupying pretty much just two main buildings, so don't expect a sprawling campus or any kind of student village. The staff, in my experience, have been great and really invest themselves in their job, always willing to help if they can, probably one of the best things about going to a smaller uni.

    If you're thinking of staying in Halls of Residence, there are two on offer; Orlando, about 10 minute walk away from the uni, and Hollins, about 20 minutes away. Definitely go for Hollins, as you get ovens (essential) and the general standard and area is much nicer. If you're not, there's a lettings agency in Bolton called Campus Cribs geared towards students. Stay away. That's really all that can be said about them.

    As far as going out at the weekends goes, the two main places in town (J2 & McCauleys) are nothing to shout about, but you're only a cheap 15 minute train from Manchester, and there's something for everyone there.

    Hope this helps some, if you've got any more questions I'll do my best to answer them.

    Tom V.
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    Haha I was beginning to think I was the only Bolton student on TSR :ahee:

    But yeah, I pretty much mirror everything said above, with the acception of McCauleys being nothing to shout about, it's pretty awesome on Wednesdays depending on your music tastes. Definitely go for Hollins OP.

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    I'm going to Bolton in september too
    doing special effects development!

    I'm in halls, I think I'm in orlando though
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    I went to Bolton in 2005 back when it was ranked around the 80 level.

    It was a grim place, the Bolton one bit? Didn't even exist then it was a car park. Most of Eagle tower didn't exist either. The carpark was also free to use.

    The gym was pretty funny, was like a bed room, 20p a time to use. The steam press was also across the road at the end of the carpark.

    The bicycle lane didn't have obstacles in it so we could park our motorbikes inside.

    Still is a grim place tbh.

    Due to the majority of people being mature students (like me shortly) social life is very limited. Even with my undergraduate degree it was quiet as everybody worked at the same time.

    I'll give you some free advice though from somebody who has been through it

    There is A LOT of snobbery in universities. I've faced it for years. A lot of people asked why Bolton? Are your grades not good? (I have excellent A level grades from the 90s x3 B and one C).

    Two reasons:

    It was because it was where I lived and so could work at the same time. They had some really funny lecture times like 6pm to 9pm (for my course at the time) which allowed me to keep a full time job.

    Secondly because my degree allowed me more exemptions than anywhere else in the country. So while MMU and UoM looked down on me. I had to do 5 exams to qualify. While they were all stuck at level 2 qualification. Meaning they had to do 9 exams to become qualified.

    TBH after the first job nobody asked where I studied anyway. But it is always good to find reasons to give people a rebuttle about going to the 'worst university in the country'
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    Hi Justpin,

    not sure if you have visited the University of Bolton recently but we have inversted over £41 million in on-campus facilities. We have recently opened Bolton One which is a new £31 million health, leisure and research centre, built through a unique and visionary partnership between Bolton Council, NHS Bolton and the University of Bolton. Within Bolton One there is an eight-lane, 25-metre competition swimming pool, with seating for 250 spectators; a therapeutic hydrotherapy pool; a fitness suite; aerobics studio and community gym, managed by Serco for Bolton Council. These facilities are open to students and public so you are welcome to have a look.

    John (jcosta71292)

    As to your question, on campus we have The Loft-social area serving food and beverages with a variety of entertainment from R'n'B to quiz nights, also live Sports are played on big screen TVs. In the town there is a wide variety of bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs providing different events each night.

    Dont forget we also have our Students Union that provides social and sports clubs, where different events/nights are arranged.

    as Tom V (Killik_13) said we are close to manchester but also liverpool and preston.

    I hope this helps,
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    I'm going to Bolton university too in September and after reading these reviews I'm slowly starting to realise it was the worst decision of my life.... *sigh*
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    OP try Salford please it's a lot better and they tend to accept lower grades. Trust me! Also other Unis to look at are MMU and UCLAN> they're both decent but very flexible. Also go through clearing if you have to. Just don't go to Bolton. The social life will be very dull.

    Posted from TSR Mobile
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    (Original post by arfah)
    OP try Salford please it's a lot better and they tend to accept lower grades. Trust me! Also other Unis to look at are MMU and UCLAN> they're both decent but very flexible. Also go through clearing if you have to. Just don't go to Bolton. The social life will be very dull.

    Posted from TSR Mobile
    Where do people find these old threads :lolwut: This was made in 2012, OP has likely already gone :rofl:
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    (Original post by somemightsay888)
    Where do people find these old threads :lolwut: This was made in 2012, OP has likely already gone :rofl:
    Oops 🙊🙊😂

    Posted from TSR Mobile
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    Saleem-21 added a comment this MONTH, expressing their concerns.

    OK may be better to start a new thread but, what is wrong with responding to that?


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Updated: July 18, 2015
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