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Landlord not sending me a copy of my contract & deposit receipt

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    I've signed and sent off my contract to her almost a month ago now and she still hasn't sent me my copy or the contract or any sort of receipt for my deposit.

    a week ago(almost 2 now) I sent her a text telling her I am waiting for my copy of the contract and recept for the deposit. She hasn't replied to my txt and hasn't sent me anything.

    My friend(who will be my flatmate in this house) had this woman as a landlord last year, so I know she isn't a hustler and ran away with my money. She's just terribly unprofessional and lazy. My friend says she has a history of not replying to txts and even had to photocopy the contract herself.

    I'm gonna send her another txt tomorrow in a more serious tone. If she ignores me again I will try and call her(she also doesn't pickup very often)

    What are my legal options with this useless cow? If she continues to ignore me I want to threaten her legally if I can. All I want is a copy of the contract(which I'm sure I'm legally abliged to) and some sort of recept for my deposit!

    Help me out please, I want this sorted before I have to move in.
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    Sort him out
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    Id just call her up tomorrow and leave a voicemail if she doesnt pick up, then keep leavin voicemails
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    Texts are easy to ignore. It is much harder to ignore a phone call so verbal communication is always better for a faster response for this kind of situation.
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    Do you have her address? If so, put things in writing ideally with recorded delivery and keep a copy of the letter.

    If she is that unprofessional make sure an inventory gets done and she protects your deposit. Also check she has a gas certificate and an HMO license if applicable.


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