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M208 Pure Mathematics this October anyone?

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    I've just finished MS221, looking forward to tackling M208 this year
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    (Original post by -G-a-v-)

    I've just finished MS221, looking forward to tackling M208 this year
    Nice one, MST209 for me - I don't think there are many M208ers on here!
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    208 is the best course ever.
    Sadly it's 209 this autumn for me too
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    (Original post by sputum)
    208 is the best course ever.
    Sadly it's 209 this autumn for me too
    Any words of wisdom for M208?
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    (Original post by -G-a-v-)
    Any words of wisdom for M208?
    Don't do as I did, do as I say

    Don't freak if something doesn't make sense for a while. (If you're doing a maths degree, get used to the feeling you'll probably be getting it a lot from now on)

    Don't get bogged down, sometimes the best explanation for you is elsewhere in the chapter/module. Plus the same rules crop up in different contexts.

    Get all the cheap early marks you can if you want a good grade (I had TMA scores of 40 and 73 and still just scraped an 85% OCAS thanks to big early scores and substitution)

    I read quite a few complaints about over-pedanticism, restating the obvious and the like but in my own experience everything they want for a TMA answer is important even if I didn't think so at the time.

    And racking up a good exam result without really understanding what you are doing is very achievable. Last year's M208 exam was easier for me than this June's 221 paper (but I did a lot more revision for 208 and got two perfect S2 questions)

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    (Original post by sputum)
    Do you have any OU past papers I could look at?
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    (Original post by nohomo)
    Do you have any OU past papers I could look at?
    There are a bunch of older M303 ones here if you want any discussed/solved I can probably do the non-calculus ones (there is little calculus in 208 anyway)

    2006 has disappeared from the web shop but as far as I can tell it's still not legally distributable.

    The 2005 paper linked above is a decent guide. Ignore flows, mobius transformations and possibly a few other bits, but the group theory, linear algebra and analysis are represented and many questions very similar in style.
    The questions are very similar across years. You do get a single specimen paper with marking scheme + solutions with the course materials.

    EDIT: M208 has 12 S1 Qs and 2 from 5 S2 Qs
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    I'm starting M208 this October too. Waiting until my M248 exam before I really get going though, then I'll just blitz it.


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