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TSR hits 1 million members: Your favorite areas of the site - The BIG VOTE

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    TSR has hit 1 millions members! :woo:

    In a series of threads, we're asking... What are your favorite areas of the site?

    It's multiple choice, so pick those you use, lurk in or laugh at the most

    Check out our other million member threads:
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    Should have done certain forums, but oh well.

    Should also do a thread like the twitter account do - what were you doing at 6:55pm when TSR reached 1m members.
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    Life and Style. Particularly fitness. Best area on the whole site no question about it! ;-).
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    Life and Style first and foremost. Love H&R, starting to really enjoy fitness, and I like advice on everyday issues too. Second is TSR Community as I love Chat, particularly Games & Competitions... good little community going on in there
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    Unis got this in the bag. :hand:
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    Voted unis, and would have voted PS Help if it was there
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    I voted for TSR community, Hobbies and Interest and Universities. Although I don't visit all forums in those sections.
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    (Original post by mr tim)
    I voted for TSR community, Hobbies and Interest and Universities. Although I don't visit all forums in those sections.
    I'd be quite impressed (not to mention rather puzzled as to why) if you visited everywhere in unis :yep:
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    Congrats TSR [=

    Hobbies and D&CA for me, especially the Tech and Religion subforums.
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    Did someone say Chat?
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    Games & Competitions, of course! :love:
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    The typed content within most of those sections looks like what comes out of my dog's bumhole after a night of eating curry, Tesco Value lager and alphabetti spaghetti. Though I have enjoyed myself more in D&D.
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    Uni's is definitely best.. and I'm not biased at all
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    I quite like Hobbies and Interests for the tech & comp, gaming, and motoring forums.

    I guess that makes me a traitor seeing as I'm a H&R mod :ninja:
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    Mental health. :nutcase:
  15. Offline

    Hobbies and Interests, obviously. :p:

    Gave D&CA a vote as well. :yep:
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    I'm assuming that the MHoC falls under D&CA so I voted for that.

    <3 x
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    Life and style I reckon... so many laughs to be had from the relationships section
  18. Online

    When I look at my stats, I realize that I have already written in many forums. But all in all I have the most interest in "Hobbies and Interest" in which I write many comments.


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