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The fascination with Tanning.

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    Why do so many feel the need to tan? I don't really get it.

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    I suppose it looks better sometimes. I feel more confident if I have a slight tan - when I'm pale I feel a bit flabby for some reason. I would never use sunbed's though.
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    Being pale can be associated with illness or staying indoors all day - neither of which are desirable traits. A slight tan is therefore seen as healthy, but obviously people take it too far! I'm really pale and definitely feel more confidant with a slight tan. I feel much better once I've been out in the sun.
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    I don't get it either.

    Came back from Italy some days ago and everyone said "Oh, you didn't really get much tan."
    I was just like "Yeah, why the heck would anyone even want to stand/sit/lie in the torrid sun if a nice cool shadow is nearby?!".

    I really don't get it ...
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    Yeah, I think it's misunderstood how much people care. There are many, many beautiful pale people.
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    I don't know either. I kind of prefer the really, really pale look on girls although a slight tan can also look pretty damn good. On men, I think that most of us aren't that bothered, and I don't really notice, but I guess a bit of a farmer's tan is the norm tbh. Probably not that attractive either.

    I just came back from South Africa, and managed to get enough of a (farmer's) tan to get a few "oh, you're looking quite tanned" comments, but I still woudn't say I look much different to the next guy.
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    I suppose a slight tan looks nice but a lot of girls simply over do it and end up looking like they came from Wonka's chocolate factory. It might be a social factor as well: in the past rich people were pale and now it's vice versa, people put on fake tan to pretend they can afford going on a holiday.

    Personally I really like my pale skin. Whenever I go on a holiday I put a lot of sun cream and chill out in the shade and one of the main reasons is I don't want to get skin cancer, which is one of the big killers. Not that I would tan anyway, I simply get covered up in freckles once the sun hits.
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    I hate my pale skin it shows off every scar and mark! I love having a tan, personally for me it just looks better. I don't think tans suit everyone though, some people look better pale.
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    It's just a societal thing. Back in the Middle Ages it was considered more attractive and fashionable to be pale, as you obviously didn't need to go outside and work.

    Now, with international travel open to us, those in the upper echelons of the pay scale are more often tanned than not.
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    Honestly, a natural tan always always always looks better. Skin looks healthier and more toned. Looks like you've been on holiday and chilling outside.
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    I use fake tan sometimes but I get the build-up tan so it doesn't look ridiculous. I also have a natural slight tan anyway. When I go on holiday, I never sunbathe in the sun for hours. I never get a spray tan (some thing they cause cancer too) and I've never used a sun bed. I always wear a high spf on my face to prevent sun damage. I tan more on my body than my face and I don't want to look really red in the face when I'm older.

    I'll be laughing at the tanorexics with their leather skin when they get old. aha
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    I like my pale skin but I also like it when I get a natural tan in summer. As long as my skin colour is natural I'm fine, I would never use fake tan.
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    I don't understand it either, people who say "I can't wear shorts I've got no tan on my legs" are just ridiculous. Im happy being pale and interesting just look at angelina jolie and Zooey deschanel, both beautiful in different ways and both not tanned
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    I went out the other day in a wee sundress and got SO many stares at my legs. They're not particularly slim and attractive so I can only assume it was cause of how pale they are. It was as if people found it ridiculous and really weird that I didn't have fake tan on them. I just can't be arsed
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    As someone who is naturally tanned I don't get what people think they're missing out on.

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    I am quite a pale girl and would love to have a tan however I dont want to use sunbeds and am not into the whole fake tan thing. I do use mouisuriser that has a slight tanning effect but that is as far as I would go. Just for the record I think a tan looks sexy as long as it is not over done and looks orange.


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