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Interview question - Tell me a bit about yourself.

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    "Tell me a bit about yourself" - The question seems simple enough but I'm just not sure what it means exactly. Do I go ahead and state "I'm a recent graduate with a Blah Blah degree from a Blah Blah University and I obtained a Blah Blah classification. Also, I currently work as a Blah Blah at Blah Blah and was previously employed as a Blah Blah. I also was part of this blah blah club outside of academia"...etc.

    Surely, all this information is in the application/CV so the employer has a vague idea about you as an individual anyway - whether you're an undergraduate, graduate, some form of senior in your field or none of the above. Going over all those details seems unnecessary in that case. Or is it a question that focuses on your attributes/qualities as a person? So you outline what you are as a person e.g. hard-working, outgoing, career-driven etc and provide a few brief examples to back it up.

    A quick google search shows that both interpretations are taken on by people so is the safest bet to incorporate a combination of what I've stated above? What are people's opinions?
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    You basically tell them stuff that would be relevant to the job position you are going for, maybe point out some key skills you've learnt from previous jobs that would be useful too.
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    Don't go into too many details but hint at why you are the person who should be given the job.
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    (Original post by Preeka)
    Talk about your work history, what you've done since you left school, your hobbies and interests, what you do in your spare time etc.
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    Here's a short list of interview questions that you should ask from the interviewer according to Shawn Jeremy. It is not about giving out too much information about you but you could also show interest for the position by asking questions about it and their company.


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Updated: July 30, 2012
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