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Are bottom-end 3D TVs worth it?

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    Currently looking to get a new TV for my bedroom. At the moment I've narrowed my search down to two TVs





    But recently a friend of mine suggusted to go for a bottom end 3D TV such as these as all 3D TVs give great 2D picture




    This TV will be mainly used for general SD TV watching, Xbox and PS3 games and Films. It will also be connected to a stero so sound quality is not so much of an issue. Just wanted to know really which TV was the best to go for.
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    Personally I'd stick with a known good brand (Samsung and LG are both good known brands).

    Unless you wanted the option of having 3D then I don't see a point in looking at the unknown brand options. That just seems like you're spending money on a feature you're not going to use.
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    Go to the shops and test some, some top brand ones werent good 3d for me like the 3ds doesnt work for me, peoples sight would change the choice of which one to get.
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    The Samsung UE32EH5000 is by far the best television in the price bracket. exceptional value for money! I love mine.


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Updated: August 29, 2012
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