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Whats your personality?

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    Now, I'm in no way saying that the Myers Briggs Test (especially a simplified internet version) is an indicator of what your true personality, however, i thought it was quite interesting to see how my result corresponded to my personality.

    I'm INFP, although on a few tests I've also came up INFJ. Seems very like me, I'm a "dreamer" and an "idealist."

    Take the test:


    Does it correspond to your actual personality? Check more in depth here.

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    I came out as ISTJ, but I found it difficult to pigeon hole my personality so to speak. For example, elements of both 'Sensing' and 'Intuition' apply to me... Reading the profile for that personality type, the majority of it sounds nothing like me. A few things were true, but it doesn't seem like a particularly in depth or accurate test.
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    I've done the test a few times over a 5 year period and came out with INTJ and INTP.

    Based on the descriptions given for the types I would say they're closer to my natural personality then any of the other types. Although I think people usually change over time and your personality type can change regularly so it's more based upon the frame of mind your in when you take the test.

    I'm naturally an introvert with potential to become an extrovert, I did an 'experiment' which changed my frame of mind for a while. I would basically do the opposite to what I thought. When invited out to parties I would usually make excuses to not go so when I did this experiment I had to say yes. It changed my frame of mind and made me more extroverted, I went to parties, met new people and made new friends after I had forgotten it was an experiment. So to end my rambling I think it depends on your frame off mind taking the test if I had took it during my 'experiment' I proberly would of got an extroverted type.
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    I dont need a personality because of my looks
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    I would say the test was pretty accurate for me.
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    INTJ. The description of my personality is scarily accurate! And apparently I have made the right career choice - "I am rarely encountered outside my laboratory". Maybe there's hope for the Biomedical Science route yet, I might mention it in my next interview!
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    In 2009 I got ENFJ, but I've just done it again and I got INTJ, which sounds a lot like me now.
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    i sold my personality on ebay, john barrowman bought it.
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    ISTJ for me. Dominant Introverted Sensing.
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    ISTP for me
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    INFJ dunno what that means though

    This was posted from The Student Room's Android App on my HTC Wildfire S A510e
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    I normally get INTJ or INTP on these tests, which suit me pretty well.
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    I came out as INFP -- the page had too much to read though
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    I got ISTJ which does seem very like me.
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    INFJ, which I would say is pretty well-matched to my perception of my personality. Although, I felt like some of the options which I'd naturally associate with my personality contained criteria that didn't quite match, yet I was still better matched to those letters than the other ones. Currently, I'm quite introverted, but it'd be interesting to retake the test in a few years time, and see if my personality has changed in any way, according to the test.
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    where are my other ESFJ bros at?


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