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Break a record and help beat cancer - MAN vs EVERYTHING

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    Do you fancy getting your hands on your very own Guinness World Records title, whilst helping raise money for Cancer Research UK?

    Take on a fun and easy Man vs Everything challenge and you could be an official world record holder by August! And that’s not all... get your mates to place £3 bets on your challenge and whoever guesses closest to your final result, wins a slice of the cash!

    Cancer Research UK is testing a brand new type of fundraising and we need you try it out and let us know what you think.

    The Guinness World Records titles up for grabs are:

    Man vs Balance - Most socks you can put on one foot in a minute while standing on one leg
    Man vs Office – Most sticky notes you can stick on your face in a minute (beards allowed)
    Man vs Laundry – Most laundry pegs you can clip to your face in one minute

    Get involved, register here

    Spaces are limited, register and get your guesses in by 29 July.

    Big, burly thanks from Man vs Everything.
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    I'll pass; cancer research doesn't need any more money.
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    Pegs on face?? That sounds painful!
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    (Original post by Roger Mexico)
    I'll pass; cancer research doesn't need any more money.
    How come? Has the cure now been found??
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    (Original post by Roger Mexico)
    I'll pass; cancer research doesn't need any more money.
    You wouldn't be saying that if you had Cancer though.
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    (Original post by Wiggler)
    How come? Has the cure now been found??
    (Original post by rustamyyeah1)
    You wouldn't be saying that if you had Cancer though.
    Hey, guys, relax. No a cure hasn't been found, and as witty as that probably sounded in your head, it came out utterly retarded. I would be still saying that if I had cancer, and It's fantastically arrogant and disrespectful of you to presume anything regarding what anyone else would or wouldn't do in that situation.

    Gratuitous ad hominem aside, my point was (And I appreciate that perhaps I should have clarified this in my original post in order to avoid confusion) that cancer research receives such an ineffably vast amount of money annually, that it is hardly in need of any more. Cancer researchers can only do so much with money, and there comes a point where they have more money than they know what to do with. That point was reached years ago. Meanwhile, other organisations dedicated to preventing other serious diseases, conditions and what have you, that affect, debilitate, maim, and kill millions of people each year are working with little to no money, purely because they lack the colossal media budget of Cancer Research. I mean ****, at this point Cancer almost has a monopoly on charity.
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    Any research into cancer has my full support. I've always believed a cure will be found or at least some cures for some cancers will be found in the next generation or two. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and with time and research the light is getting brighter, meaning we are progressing in the fight against this vicious disease!


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