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Apple's shopping list...

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    If you were the CEO of Apple and had that mind boggling amount of money what would you do with it?
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    Cut a chunk out of the side of the Moon and turn it into the Apple logo. 24/7 advertisement!
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    Somehow try to create Jurrasic Park, then ride on the T Rex into battle
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    Buy Australia and carve that into the Apple logo.
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    (Original post by Drewski)
    Buy Australia and carve that into the Apple logo.
    Any special reason why Australia is getting carved up like a piece of pie ?
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    (Original post by cl_steele)
    Any special reason why Australia is getting carved up like a piece of pie ?
    Was just the first large island that sprang to mind that would lend itself to the shape.

    And the other part is "why not? "
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    They could buy both Twitter and Facebook with that money! What I wish they would do is reduce their profit margins on Macs a bit...


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Updated: July 31, 2012
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