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What would you wear with this skirt?

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    I got this the other day. It looks quite nice on, but I am struggling to create a good outfit with it (just for work, I work at new look). Any suggestions?
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    Any help would be very much appreciated
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    I'd suggest a black or white tank top and a coloured blazer, with some sandals or flats
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    1. Any type of cami/tanktop
    2. A fitting long sleeve shirt
    3. A fitting shirt with sleeves to your elbows
    4. A half shirt
    5. A shirt with ruffles or frills (I'm not good at teh techincal names)

    To go over these:
    1. Any type of jeans jacket
    2. A half shirt over a cami
    3. a blazer
    4. a scarf

    Hope these help!
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    I'd wear it with a white tshirt/vest top and either a denim jacket or a blazer. The burgundy one they've got in new look at the moment would go really well I think:
    Then a statement necklace to finish it off.

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    Love that, definitely something I would wear. I've got quite a few skirts like it. I normally get an appropriately coloured vest and tuck it in, and put a cardi on. Then with black tights and flats. There are probably a lot more stylish ways to do it though :P:
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    That skirt looks a bit short.
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    (Original post by Cephalus)
    That skirt looks a bit short.
    tis' the summer
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    I LOVE skirts like this, didn't realise New Look had any. Must hunt down.

    I would pair with a tucked in cami, some boots (like Dr Martens) or flats, tights (patterned or opaque), a blazer/unbuttoned oversized shirt and plenty of rings or bangles.

    But that's just me
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    Because the skirt is patterned I would keep the top simple and just wear a white vest top tucked into the skirt then some jewlery to take the planeness off, maybe try and match the jewlery colour with the shoes?
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    Just a top thats quite plain, doesn't have to be white or black -I think a plain red or maybe blue top would go well.
    Then with it a black leather jacket or blazer, or a knitted cardigan and then opaque black tights and black flats

    I really like that skirt actually!
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    I'd go for a plain top, either black or white, maybe a darker colour.

    Depending on what sort of style you like, maybe a denim or leather jacket (whichever you prefer.) A cardigan would be fine too.

    I think most shoes would go quite well so you've got a lot of options. Boots, flats, trainers (something like Vans or Converse).
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    (Original post by Cephalus)
    That skirt looks a bit short.
    :lolwut: You don't even know the height of OP :confused:
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    (Original post by sarahthegemini)
    :lolwut: You don't even know the height of OP :confused:
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    I would wear a plain white vest top (fitted) with a nice necklace and bracelets

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    In my opinion the skirt was good and very nice, and it was simple and short also, i think for that skirt white color half fitted top with black netted scarf is well suited. If you are fair and having white skin tone then prefer black color long sleeve top with white color scarf. I hope it will be awesome to see.


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Updated: August 3, 2012
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