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If you make international calls, check this out...

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    Here's something for anyone that makes international calls, kind of free money I guess...I call abroad a lot but money is obviously tight, so I have always used the free foocall app as for me it beats skype and others hands down. It uses your mobiles monthly minutes to make international calls (and foocall charge on top like 1p a minute to call loads of countries). I used this app previously on iphone, but have since got the android version when I switched phones. I wanted to top-up on foocall so had a dig around online for a voucher code and found one on another forum for 50% extra credit BUT when you use the code it actually gives you 100%. It worked for me, but seems to only work on new accounts, and it looks like it expires end August. oops, almost forgot, the code is FCFIFTY.


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