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How can I get a career?

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    I don't know whether this thread should go in the Careers forum or Health forum actually, as it applies to both topics, but oh well, here goes! I recently graduated from uni, which I'm proud of myself for achieving, especially due to the fact that I have IBS. The IBS made going to uni a lot harder, but I got through it by making myself go to lectures and seminars, even if I felt quite unwell, although I still missed quite a lot because there were times that I was too ill to attend. I made sure that I kept lecturers informed of the situation though, and always manged to keep up with the work.

    Now that I have finished uni though, I am concerned about finding work. Despite feeling quite stressed out and ill whilst at uni, at least I didn't have to be in uni very much, especially in final year, meaning that I could just get on with my work from the comfort of my room. Obviously with a job it is a lot harder-you can't just not go or keep calling in sick, and although I know that some workplaces offer flexible working, I don't know whether this is that widely available.

    I'm also confused because I don't know what area of work I want to be in. My degree was in marketing, and I did enjoy it, but I started to see that I didn't want a career in it really, because I'm not a natural at trying to promote brands/products to people and encouraging them to buy things! Plus I think I'd like to work in a more worthwhile area, where I feel like I'm really making a contribution to society (for example, I've previously done volunteer work for Oxfam and The National Trust). I've always been quite creative, and areas like art and heritage really interest me, and I think it would be great to learn a skilled trade and know that I could do something that not many others could. But again there's the worry of what if I felt too ill again, to attend even training to learn this trade, let alone a job in it? In some ways I feel like maybe a career in marketing would be better for me, as quite a bit of it is computer based, so at least there's the possibility of working from home. But at the same time I don't want to feel like the IBS is dictating my life, and after spending three years sat at a computer doing work for uni, I feel like this kind of method stilts my creativity!

    I should also note that I do keep considering setting up my own business, as I've been told that there are people who can provide funding, and it is something I could do from home (and I have a few ideas of the kind of business I could start). I know this can be quite a risk, but as a friend told me, even if it happened to go belly up, at least it shows that I was prepared to take a risk and have some ambition.

    I apologise for this hefty post, but I felt like there was a lot to explain, and I would really appreciate any advice, especially from people who might have been in this situation before, whether you've got IBS or another condition. Thankyou.


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Updated: August 2, 2012
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